php – timestamp does not indicate correct date


I'm working on a CMS to display articles, my problem is with the strtotime() function does not indicate the correct date, it always indicates March 1, 1970. The row (phpMyAdmin) of one of the article_timestamp is given with the formatting: ex. 1394220287 . What am I doing wrong?

<span id="date">Publicado  
    setlocale(LC_ALL, NULL);
    $timeStamp = $article['article_timestamp'];
    $uppercaseMonth = ucfirst(gmstrftime('%B'));
    echo strftime( '%A, %d de ' .$uppercaseMonth. ' de %Y', strtotime($timeStamp));


From the example you added to the question, I see that $timeStamp is already a timestamp , so strtotime() is not needed.

Use only:

echo strftime( '%A, %d de ' .$uppercaseMonth. ' de %Y', $timeStamp);
//                                                     ^^ - tirei o strtotime()

Exemplo no PHP Fiddle

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