php – Timeout expired while logging in via ESIA


I am trying to set up authorization of my personal account through the ESIA service (all the necessary system data was registered on the portal, permission to access the test service was received).
After sending a request to receive an authorization code and after entering the data of a test user on the form, the ESIA, instead of redirecting to the address specified in the parameters, displays a message stating that the waiting time has expired.
Prompt, please, with what it can be connected?
PS I send data to the address with the following content:


PPS As I understand it, the problem occurs because of the value in the timestamp variable. The web server is located in the Ekaterinburg time zone, the web server is also configured for this zone.


Usually such a message means that the timestamp parameter is not valid, not up-to-date or up-to-date. The system needs to synchronize time with the resource . Logs can be viewed at .

PS I found out that in order to get the logs in the normal form, they need to go to the ip-address on which the domain of the information system stands (the one that was registered in the ESIA). At least that's how I managed to see the response to the request. (I managed to log in from a different ip, so most likely it was some kind of failure)

PPS The timeout issue was resolved after a valid timestamp was passed. According to the instructions, the timestamp has the format yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss Z, in php this parameter must be formed as follows: urlencode(date('Ymd H:i:s O'))

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