Timeout ao usar httr:POST()



I'm trying to do a registration check on the CREA-RS website , but every time it's giving the following error:

Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) : 
  Timeout was reached

Does anyone know what might be happening? OR is connecting to internet normally. Here's the code I'm trying to run:

b2 <- "http://apolo.crea-rs.org.br/apoloaplsrv01/servlet/org.crears.apolo.prod.hsel_profis_consulta_site?,0"
r <- POST(b2, encode = 'form', body = list("_PRF_NROCPF"  = 12345678910))


The httr package, for some reason, does not use the computer's proxy setting. To solve this, you need to load the devtools package and call the following function:

set_config(use_proxy(url="IP/URL DA PROXY", port=PORTA DA PROXY))
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