safety – The security model and the case when all the equipment went missing


Password managers, encrypted containers in the cloud, two-factor authentication for access to important accounts. This is all good.

But here's a situation that is quite possible: all the equipment is gone. In general, the whole. He landed naked on a distant continent. There is internet there. But there is nothing with me, no flash drive, no beech, no notebook.

A new clean computer, a phone, will appear. Can you easily restore access to all passwords and accounts?

It turns out that the entire private infrastructure is ultimately tied to a simple, weak password / phrase that is kept in the head. This means that there is a risk that this single password will be cracked. Or the risk of losing everything, losing technology.

What are some clever approaches to this problem?

Hastily thought:

  • several proxies holding separate parts of the "master" password – you remember their phones by heart, call, collect parts of the password, get access to the cloud, password manager, etc .;
  • safe deposit box with biometric authorization – came to a Swiss bank as Jason Bourne from a ship, scanned his hand, gave out a drawer with a flash drive and a notepad;
  • time-capsule letter to yourself – you know where and when it will come, there are passwords. In the usual mode, shortly before the letter arrives, all passwords are changed to new ones and a new letter “to the future” is launched;
  • a fragment of the number Pi, starting with a digit, resp. year of birth equal to a day – and other exotic ways to easily remember a complex long password.


It's simple – we get access to the cloud, the password manager with the password database is in the cloud and voila.

PS I have done it this way and it already worked when I had to restore everything in a distant island while sitting in an Internet cafe. Dropbox – forever 🙂

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