Temporary table that hibernate creates


I'm using JPA and Hibernate 4.3.11 when running a simple application To test the Firebird 2.5 database connection Hibernate is generating a temporary table with the beginning HT_ .

Example: created the Customer table and generated

create table HT_Cliente (id integer not null, hib_sess_id CHAR(36))

How do I disable this functionality in hibernate?


Hibernate uses these HT_Tables as temporary tables to assist with operations such as delete and update.

In this post , the author explains that there is a problem with cascading deletes and updates, to know which records need to be changed. It shows a native approach to the solution of the problem and then explains that creating HT_Tables by Hibernate is the solution found by Hibernate for what is called bulk operations or bulk operations.

As this is an approach used to ensure the integrity of the database, I believe that this functionality cannot be disabled, as is also stated in SOen .

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