sdn – Tagging IP ToS Field in Openflow


I'm a beginner in all this, so I have a question.

Considering a video application called DASH IF (dash.js) that runs (emulated) in a mesh network with SDN (Software Defined Network) characteristics.

I want the ToS (Type of Service) field to be marked in the packet so that the openflow switch in the network knows that it is a special packet and that it must be sent to the controller.

How can I make this appointment? Or would it be the implementation of this? Is the switch itself doing or should something be implemented in the application?

Thank you all in advance!


Hi! I have little knowledge in the area, but as far as I know, it's the controller that defines all the switch's intelligence. So if there is any packet checking before it gets routed, that will be defined in the implementation of that switch in the controller which is built in Python.

Marking any packet in the ToS field causes each packet to be analyzed before being routed. I think it would be better to indicate the origin of the packet, or port, or ip or etc so that it would be more efficient and then send it somewhere.

Hope this helps

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