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Good day, everyone. One problem arose, I don't know how to approach it in order to solve it. In general: while poking around with my project for analyzing prices in the Steam Market, I came across this funktion –

Judging by his logic, he gives the full history of the sale of this item in the Steam Market. There is a catch. It can only be used in an authorized state.

The options are:

  1. This page pulls up a cookie called SteamLoginSecure and gives information.

  2. Steam gives permission to display information if the current user session from this browser is active.

Maybe I'm wrong, I won't deny and argue, but I'm terribly interested, can someone help you pull this baidu through file_get_contents() ?

It's just that if you do it without authorization, then the answer will be an empty array. At the same time, if you do not log into Steam, then on their page for selling an item, PriceHistory is available offline. How so?


Authorization using CURL is probably fine for you, and then proceed as usual.

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