project management – Sprint on Scrum methodology cannot have the scope negotiated?


Regarding the Scrum methodology , I would like to know.

It is correct to state if during the Sprint :

The scope can be clarified and renegotiated between the Product Owner and Development Team.

When reading about the subject, I interpreted that it is not possible to renegotiate or change the decisions defined after the Sprint Planning Meeting , when there is a meeting between the product Owner and the Scrum Team , The Scrum Methodology website explains the subject well.

The problem is that the statement came from a correct answer to this question , which I was wrong in trying to answer.


It seems to me more a matter of text interpretation. The fact is that by elimination the other 4 answers are much worse, they talk about things that affect the result.

The correct answer talks about renegotiation, it just doesn't say that it usually comes from the development team when it understands that the scope is not adequate and it discovers throughout the sprint . The text on the site says that the project owner must not change the scope by his/her initiative, changing what was foreseen in the sprint , that is, he cannot, he cannot put new requirements that affect the development of that sprint , otherwise he will not be able to comply. it.

In practice, this negatively affects development, I won't go into details to avoid controversy, but imagine a change of plans not interfering with development and having to continue doing something that will later have to be redone to meet the bureaucracy. And there are people who say that the methodology exists to reduce bureaucracy.

The question option phrase was probably taken from page 9 of a Scrum guide .

I consider that the Brazilian website is, at the very least, confusing in what it says.

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