Special characters in an excel spreadsheet generated in Delphi


I found many codes on the internet related to generating EXCEL spreadsheets in DELPHI. Here's the code I'm using:

objExcel := CreateOleObject('Excel.Application');
objExcel.Visible := True;

objExcel.Workbooks[1].WorkSheets[1].Name := 'Orçamento';
Sheet := objExcel.Workbooks[1].WorkSheets[1];   

This part works, but when I add some information, like:

Sheet.Range['B4'] := 'M A T É R I A S   -   P R I M A S';  

In EXCEL it changes the special characters, for example, to:

M A T Ã R I A S   -   P R I M A S   

Apart from lookup fields, such as:


that the data looks like this:


How can I format the characters to look like they should?


try the following
Sheet.Range['B4'] := WideString('MAT É RIAS - PRIMA S');

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