Similar to NFS (Distributed Network Storage) for Windows 7



The network has one server under Ubuntu (DHCP + DC + smb) and one NAS . On the NAS, a backup is made from the server, but it does not backup itself. At the same time, there are already under 50 client machines and, in principle, they have at least 50-100 GB of unused space each. It is necessary to organize a distributed file storage.
Due to the fact that all machines (except the server and gateway) are under Windows XP/7 , we need a tool that could be used on them (analogous to NFS ).

The question is, what kind of software under Windows XP/7 can organize distributed network storage?

I have already found a small selection ( ) of the software – I will try it if possible, but I'm interested in the advice of people who actually worked / work with this.


This is a crazy idea. All distributed file systems really dislike dropping nodes. And Windows will be regularly rebooted. As a result, this whole structure will eventually fall or lose half of the files.

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