linux – Share the repository to the local network


Created a local deb repository. On the machine where it is installed, everything works, packages are installed from it.

What needs to be done to make it visible on other machines on the network?


install any http- or ftp-server , set the directory in which the repository is located as docroot (there should be a dists sub-directory in this directory).

on computers that need access to this repository, add the same lines to /etc/apt/sources.list as you added on the machine where it is located, just supply the appropriate url .

i.e., instead of:

deb file:/путь/к/репозиторию ...

specify (for http-server ):

deb http://адрес.или.имя.машины.с.репозиторием/ ...

or (for ftp server ):

deb ftp://адрес.или.имя.машины.с.репозиторием/ ...
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