android – Set image as layout background indicating the image name in a String


I am making a simple application and I find that I am not able to change the background to a layout indicating the name of the image in question by String.

The code I have is this:


Where "ff" is the name of the image that I already have saved as a resource ("ff.jpg"). This is how it works perfectly. What I would like is for that "ff" to be supplied through a String. Something like that:



You have to use, without the image extension, in this case:

String miString = "ff";

int resource = getResources().getIdentifier(miString, "drawable", getPackageName());

According to the android documentation:

getResource: Returns an instance of the resources for the application package. getIdentifier: Returns a resource identifier for a specific name. The parameters are:

  • name: Resource name
  • defType: The type of resource, this is optional in the case that the previous parameter is already specified.
  • defPackage: The specific package from where you want to obtain said resource.
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