python – Sending attachment with Flask-Mail


Setting up the flask and testing it was quick and easy but sending attachments has been very difficult if not impossible. Does anyone have a tip or example to send attachments with Flask-Mail?

My code looks like this:

mail = Mail(app)
MAIL_CONFIG = app.config

msg = Message(
    reply_to = MAIL_CONFIG['MAIL_NAME'] + '<' + MAIL_CONFIG['MAIL_USERNAME'] + '>', 
    recipients = destinatarios

msg.body = texto
msg.html = mensagem

# arquivo = 'downloads/bbbb.txt'

# with app.open_resource(arquivo) as fp:
#   msg.attach(arquivo, "text/plain",


If I uncomment the commented lines I get the following error:

TypeError: normalize() argument 2 must be unicode, not str


Check if you happen to set MAIL_ASCII_ATTACHMENTS = True . Doing this forces you to use the unicode type in the filename: arquivo = u'downloads/bbbb.txt' (notice the u before the string)

Or you can stop using MAIL_ASCII_ATTACHMENTS = True (default is False ) and avoid files with unicode characters in the name.

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