android – Send geolocation to webservice and update on other devices


Well I couldn't come up with a good title for the question.

But I have the following problem, I'm wanting to make an app like Easy Taxi, I'll get the customer's location and send it to the 'franchisees'.

The question is, should I keep updating the database every minute, for example, the location of the franchisee? Would there be another way to do it without saving it in a bank?


Saving the data to the database is an option if you want to use it for further analysis. But you can pretty much share that data to the client without having to do some data persistence work, like for example:

  • Store the franchisee's current position in a list that contains all current requests and according to the scheduled frequency that franchisee's position will be updated in the list. This same list will be used to capture the franchisee's current position and send it to the customer.

About sending the customer's geolocation to franchisees, after it is available on the server for distribution among franchisees, you can use some sending patterns such as:

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