seo – Search results on my site show up in google search


What I am trying to do is that the search result within my site also appears in google.

That is to say. On my site you search for "electrician mar del plata" and it gives a few results of electricians in mar del plata. What I would like is that in the google search engine, when typing "mar del plata electrician" the URL appears with the results of my website. (It does not matter the order in which it appears) I simply want it to appear in the search engine, the url of my website that would lead to the results.

Is there any special URL for google to take your website as a search engine?

Do I have to put a title or keywords?


If you are still interested, what you have to do is:

  1. Put title and description to your web page
  2. Enter Google Search Console to be able to add your page and verify that it is yours.
  3. Finally, what you have to do is search the search bar of google search console for your page with your address and hit the button to request indexing, within a few days it should appear in google. I hope this works for you.

If you already have this done and what you want is an information panel about your company that appears, you have to do the following according to this page

  1. Run a citation campaign. Make sure your business is listed in relevant local search directories such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, Hotel Booking, etc. Providing as much data as possible, both contact information and descriptions and images will help you increase your authority and relevance.
  2. Sign up for Google My Business. As I explained in the previous point, include a great preferred photo. This photo should not be a logo, and should represent your business well. The most recommended is an image of 250 × 250 pixels or larger.
  3. Reviews, reviews, reviews. Google loves the content, another thing is what to do with it and how to display it. Try to get at least 5 reviews on Google, so that the 5 stars appear in your snippet. Make sure to ask your customers to write a review, and incentivize them in some way to finish convincing them. The most important thing would be to sign up for Google Buisness . I hope this helps you.
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