javascript – Search engine indexing of React js applications


I liked the component approach in the implementation of React js, but ran into a problem, the page that is rendered using javascript is not indexed by search engines (only Google, Yandex indexes it as empty). I googled, and the only thing I found was rendering on the server or an isomorphic application (maybe this is the same thing, I didn't fully understand), but compiling on the server and giving the already rendered html template, as far as I understood, is possible only with the help of nodejs. Is it possible to somehow make a prerender without nodejs? Or what other ways can you solve the indexing problem?


At the time of 2018, SPA sites are indexed by Google and Yandex, although providers note that bots may not render the page correctly or not render at all, and there is also a possibility that the ranking will not be in favor of SPA.

A prerender is needed for very fine SEO settings, or in the case when you need to reach the first positions in the search engine in a "natural way". If those are not planned, then the most important thing is the correct organization of routing and localization of the application.

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