php – Scanning user files for viruses


Hello. I want to check user files for viruses. During boot or after – it doesn't matter. How can this be done? I saw this on a couple of file hosting services. I found this myself – And I even did a check. But stumbled upon this –

Usage restrictions The public API can only be used for non-commercial purposes, always with the idea of ​​helping the community in mind. You must make sure you comply with our Best Practices, pay special attention to the fact that VirusTotal should not be used for antivirus comparatives. Any kind of usage is always bound by our Terms of Service. In no event shall you issue any public statement, press release, or use VirusTotal's logo, name or trademark on any customer list or in any other manner without our prior written consent in each instance. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us with your particular use case in order to make sure that it is compliant with our terms.

I didn't get it, do they allow me to do what I want? And I want it to be written in front of the downloaded files whether viruses are found or not. They also have limits on requests. What other ways are there to do this?


Look towards ClamAV , it's free software. Quite often it is used just on mail servers and file hosting services.

Deploying it (or another antivirus) on your server is perhaps the only free option if you need to process a very large number of files.

You can also look towards and other similar sites if paid options are suitable. Actually, virustotal itself has a paid private API , where there is no limit of 4 requests per minute.

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