android – Save information to SQLite and then upload to JSON with webserve


I read several tutorials on how to get a JSON and pass the information to a SQlite, but as I do the reverse, I get the application data already saved in SQLite and then transfer it to a webservice with JSON… thanks in advance


Add google's Gson dependency to your gradle, you have it in the m2Repository, you will do your search in the normal database, transform it into a normal java object and then just call gson like this

new Gson().toJson(object).build();

I don't remember exactly if it's like that, if that's what you really want, I recommend taking a look at the Gson documentation, it's a great class, I always use it, it's so simple I don't even remember how I do it…

In the documentation there are annotations that you can make in your classes to be able to customize the json, take or not a field and change the name that it comes in the json…

I believe this link will answer your questions…

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