Run apps in Android Studio via mobile via USB


Does anyone know how I can configure Android Studio to run apps on USB plugged in mobile phone? I currently use GenyMotion and was wondering if there are any compatibility issues. I tried to change it inside "run configurations" where I added a new USB device, but when I click on "run" it doesn't show up.


You don't need root to debug your app on a physical device.

To do so, enable debug mode, clicking 7 times on the Build Number in the cell phone options.

After enabling, just check the USB Debugging option in the Developer Options menu. These names may vary depending on the model and language of the device.

With that setup done. The simplest test is the adb devices command. devices is a command to list devices connected via USB and accessible to the adb server , that is, they are available for use by any adb command, including debug .

Execution example:

wakim@wakim-Inspiron-5420:~$ adb devices
List of devices attached 
0432772433  device
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