Ruby reports. What do you use to create reports? Ruport does not work with Ruby 2.1, although it claims 2.0 or later


There was a need to generate reports in Ruby.
Found gem ruport:

The Ruport library (Ruby reports) is intended for easy implementation of reports and creating diagrams based on data from a database or directly from CSV text files. Moreover, the results can be saved in PDF, HTML, CSV and TXT formats.

But it doesn't work. Ruby 1.9 removed the #each method from the String class, and the root continues to use it. So the stated version of Ruby is not true. Examples from github don't work.


ruby 2.1.10p492
ruport 1.7.1

Maybe there is a working solution for creating text and PDF (and maybe XLS) reports?
Prawn allows you to create reports in PDF only.


Determined that the bug is not in ruport , but in gem pdf-writer-1.1.8 . ruport does not generate PDF itself, but uses a third party library.

The pdf-writer not been updated since 2008.

I will think about how to get around this.

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