linux – Redirection from "" to ""


I have a redirect/pointing issue and I believe it's some incorrect server configuration. I have a VPS (digital ocean) running Ubuntu14 (terminal) with Apache, PHP5, MySql. I have full access to the DNS settings of this VPS and domains (

The problem is the following: – I have the domain: in – I have the following subdomain in the VPS:

I want that when accessing the domain, the subdomain's website is displayed, like a note, keeping the original accessed domain in the browser's address bar.

I've already set up the CNAME record in "" but without success.

can anybody help me?



In the Apache configuration file, which you set up the server the VirtualHost (similar section to the code below) of , you must create a ServerAlias as is below:

<VirtualHost *:80>

And you must create a record type A (Host) in the field pointing to the IP of your server .

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