c# – Receive nullable int in Razor (@Html.TextboxFor)


I have a Carro object and I have a nullable integer type property called AnoInspecao . When creating, I can create a car object with a null inspection year (without typing anything) and persist in the database normally.

var carro = new Carro()
   carro.AnoInspecao = null;
   carro.Nome = "meuCarro"

When editing ( View ), I use the following code:

@Html.TexboxFor(model => model.AnoInspecao)

But it doesn't work, because the Textbox doesn't accept null, thus generating an Exception .

How can I handle this?


Another way is using the following:

@Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.AnoInspecao, new { Value = "", @type = "number" })

Apart from @type , this solution works for anything Nullable .

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