ios – Realm Browser can't open default.realm

Question: Question:

When I used RealmBrowser and specified the corresponding default.realm, the following message dialog was displayed and I could not see the contents even if I proceeded.

'default' could not be opend.It may be encrypted, or it isn't in a compatible file format.
If you know the file is encrypted, you can manually enter its encryption key to open it.

When I print out the execution result of the query, the contents are definitely in the state.

Do I need to do anything special to open the file?

Answer: Answer:

Starting with 0.96 for Realm Java 0.83 and Realm Objective-C & Swift, the database file format has changed.

RealmBrowser has not been able to keep up with this change, making it impossible to open the database file.
The development team is aware of this issue and will update RealmBrowser in the near future.

Please wait for a while until the updated version is released.

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