javascript – React Native ou Ionic?


I need to create an App and I would like to know which of your technologies is the most suitable for mobile development today.

  • What is the main difference between ReactNative and Ionic?
  • Which of the technologies is the most performing?
  • At which learning curve is the shortest?


You should know that both are trying to solve the same problem of facilitating cross-platform development using web technologies.

React Native tends to be faster because it uses native components all the time. But it has a bigger learning curve because it is a bit different from what people are used to (uses JSX ). Of course it depends on what you are used to. If you know AngularJS, it makes it a little easier. The fact is, there is no glaring difference one way or the other.

Ionic is a hybrid technology and not native . It tries to reproduce the behavior of each platform and may or may not resort to native components, even if it uses something native, it will be indirectly, so not only will the performance be inferior, but it doesn't always look like it's using something made for that operating system. If it starts using plugins to improve the experience, it starts to complicate development.

React Native is really native , albeit using web technologies, and produces a better user experience.

Being native helps with performance and UX .

You tend to develop a little faster with Ionic, you made the application, it works anyway on "all" platforms. It takes a little more effort with React Native.

Perhaps the main difference is that Ionic is "write once, deploy everywhere and React Native is "learn once, write everywhere", at least that's what they say.

Be sure to consider other possibilities that might be better than these for you. It's that usual thing, there's no clear winner. You have to take both, experiment until you find what will be most suitable for each project.

The decision is whether it will cost cheaper, in theory, or whether it will offer a better product, in theory.

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