c++ – Pure c ++ graphics?


When the OS is written, the API is filed. You can create windowed applications using the Win32 API. But when they didn't have any API, they could draw something on the screen, and then bundle and make windowed applications. How can I make a window, for example, or draw something with a means of just language programming? How did the creators of the OS do it?


You can draw on the framebuffer (fbdev) or directly to the graphics card (dri).

A very long article on the topic: http://betteros.org/tut/graphics1.php

In modern computers, you can write graphics with shaders and output to the same framebuffer.

In contrast to APIs and frameworks, this conclusion is popular on embedded systems and thin clients.

I recommend looking at Yocto . There is a very minimal Linux build and templates for building various libraries for low-level work.

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