android – Publish applications to stores that differ by small details


I see some applications that are very similar, I'll even say identical but with a different brand or a small detail.

I'll give you an example: Globosat has apps from multiple channels, but it's all the same app with different content, at least for the most part.

How does it work, is each one different? Can you reuse it? Would it be possible to publish the same app with different brands and which will change the content according to what brand installed? Is it possible to have a kind of DLL that can go into an app and then others that use the same DLL no longer need it?

Can you understand what I want? Do you have a solution or is it worse on cell phone than on PC and it wastes resources?


You can use Product Flavor .

According to the documentation:

Product Flavors represent different versions of your app that you can release to users, such as free or paid versions of your app. You can customize your product flavor to use different codes and resources, while sharing and reusing the common parts with all versions of your app.

In other words, Product Flavors are used to create customized versions of the same application.

For more info, read the documentation.

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