mysql – Proper storage of likes / dislikes (votes) in the database


There is a site on which a voting system (like / dislike) should be organized. If you write information to the database in the form номер_записиid_пользователя , then everything seems to be fine. But. Let's take 100 records and 100 users. Each of them will vote for each record, as a result, the database will contain 10,000 records, and this is a problem.
After reading a little, I changed the table and it became of the form:
номер_записиid_всех_пользователей_которые_голосовали .
Under the same conditions, instead of 10,000, we get only 100 records in the database.

Adding a new user id goes like this:

  1. fetch the entire row from the database, where the record number is N
  2. SELECT FROM WHERE users_id LIKE '%id_пользователя%' – a query to check if this id already exists in a row
  3. in case of successful verification, add a new id to the end of the line and enter a new line in the database.

To what extent is this the correct approach to storing this kind of information? What are the alternatives? Ready to hear and take note.


Estimate how often what is required.

  1. amount (or two amounts: for and against) for a particular vote – super-often – every time you open the page with this vote.
  2. Did this user vote for this poll? – less often , when receiving a new voice.
  3. who voted up/down for this question? – even less often , if at all, this is open infa.
  4. how and where a given user voted – also, probably very rarely , if at all.

In total, we store the current amounts in some kind of fast cache, such as memcached/apc/redis.

When a new vote enters the database, you need to check whether you voted? and save the vote + update the cached amount. It's good to have a separate table just for votes:

id_опроса   id_юзера   голос_плюс_минус (1 бит)

The main index is composite – for both id – because. we will search both by the question-user (is it possible to take a vote – there can be only one entry with a pair qid,uid ) and by poll (who-how). And still an index only on the user (where voted).

Yes, there will be a record in the database and two indexes for every vote cast. At least 10 million is normal. Each entry is two 32-bit integers and 1 bit. When the project grows, you will begin to scale horizontally – say, poll id less than X will go to additional. mysql server.

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