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Started programming in js, but little experience. I would like to have an analogy with classes as in php. To write a module in one file and then, if necessary, connect it in a file. + It would be an advantage so that it can then be compiled into 1 js file. Please tell me which framework or library to use for these needs? Or perhaps some kind of article touching on this topic will not be superfluous. Thank you


In the modern JavaScript ecosystem, there are several approaches to dividing code into modules:

  1. AMD is the module description format used in Require.js . In my (very subjective) opinion, the description of the modules is somewhat redundant. One of the main "chips" – asynchronous dynamic loading of modules on demand. Although, if memory serves, it is also possible to collect all the code into one package . Example of AMD module description:

     // Описание зависимостей define(['jquery', 'foo', 'bar'], function (jquery, foo, bar) { // Определение самого модуля return function () {}; });
  2. Common.js is an approach used, for example, in the Node.js ecosystem. A typical module looks like:

     // Импортируем зависимости var jquery = require('jquery'), foo = require('foo'), bar = require('bar'); // Экспортируем тело модуля module.exports = function() {};
  3. UMD is a combined approach that allows you to describe modules that run in both AMD infrastructure and Common.js. It is nothing more than a compatibility tool.

  4. ES2015 Modules is a special syntax introduced in the ES2015 standard that allows you to break code into modules. Example module:

     // Импортируем зависимости import 'jquery' as $; import foo from 'foo'; import bar from 'bar'; // Экспортируем тело модуля export default function() {};

The bad news is that none of the approaches to describing modules can work directly in the browser. In any case, you will have to include some third-party library for managing modules. For AMD, this is Require.js ; for Common.js – Browserify , Webpack and others; for ES2015 – it can be a bunch of Browserify + Babel or something else.

For new projects, I would recommend that you pay attention to ES2015 modules and Common.js modules. There are several reasons for this:

  • The Node.js ecosystem uses Common.js modules. Using a build system like Browserify you can use npm modules. This will allow you to write code that will run on both the server and the client.
  • With modern build systems, you should be able to combine ES2015 and Common.js modules with almost no problem.
  • Although today browsers do not have built-in ES2015 module loading tools, things are heading towards the fact that sooner or later they will appear.

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