php – Problems with set_include_path()


I find it difficult to make a single configuration file (responsible for the __autoload ) to be used by both the files that are in the root and those that are in the admin folder.

The root directory contains the app , public and admin folders. The app folder contains the configuration file and the model , view and controller directories.

In the admin folder I want to keep a similar structure, with an app folder, containing the controller and view directory.

The intention is to make the files inside admin/app/controller access the classes through the configuration file contained in raiz/app and this is the only file responsible for including the classes. For this, I used the inclusion of the folders root , raiz/app and raiz/app/model via set_include_path() (I use XAMPP).

Well, if the file that calls the class is in root , or in raiz/app/controller , the class is instantiated, but nothing works in raiz/admin , or raiz/admin/app/controller .

For you to understand how I was doing, I had a configuration file for each folder, as well as an app , equipped with controller , model and view for each application (awful for maintenance) and it worked.


The problem was solved by adding constants in the initialization file, containing the path not only to the directory with classes, but also to controllers and views.


    // um monte de instruções
    define('APP_DIR', $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/app/');
    define('HOST_MODEL', APP_DIR . 'model/');

Hope it helps someone.

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