javascript – Problem with script handling transform in css


Hello everyone. Who can tell – page header. Full height and width of the image ( position: fixed ), in the center of the image is text (let's call it – "logo"). It is necessary that when scrolling the page, the logo gradually goes down. I use this function:

$(window).scroll(function() { 
var st = $(this).scrollTop(); 
"transform" : "translate(0%," + st/3 + "%" 

Everything seems to be fine, in Mozilla the norms work, but in other browsers (Chrom, Opera, IE) the logo drops gradually, but this does not happen smoothly, like in Mozilla, but in jerks, like steps. Any idea how to solve this? Perhaps the problem is in the cross-browser prefixes, but I tried to write with a prefix for a specific browser, the result is the same.


To some extent solved the question – I had plugins-scroll connected, to soften the scrolling of pages … I turned it off and everything worked fine in chrome and opera, but in IE it just jumps … so the question only remained in IE . If anyone has any thoughts, you will advise what to do, I will be grateful.

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