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and again good evening to all members of the forum. There was a problem with redefining std :: function <void ()> objects, and as if the thing is not particularly difficult, but it’s impossible to figure it out. I have some class:

введите код здесь
#include <functional>
class ProcessEventHandler
      std::function<void()> ProcessCrashHandler;
      std::function<void()> ProcessStopHandler;

with its help I will implement Kolbek in the next class

class ProcessManager : public ProcessEventHandler
ProcessManager(const std::string &sFilePath);
ProcessManager(const _int32 &ProcessID);
 void onProcessStart();
 void onProcessWatch();
 void onProcessCrash();
 void onProcessStopped();
 void onProcessManulyStop();

the problem is that for objects

   std::function<void()> ProcessCrashHandler;
   std::function<void()> ProcessStopHandler;

in the class, the descendant needs to be assigned functions

void onProcessCrash();
void onProcessStopped();

trying to do this in the constructor

  ProcessManager::ProcessManager(const std::string &sFilePath) :
  ProcessCrashHandler = onProcessCrash;  
  ProcessStopHandler = &ProcessManager::onProcessStopped;

  m_pcEventLoger = new EventLogger(getCurrentDirPath());

As soon as I didn’t try anything, it didn’t work, I tried it through the lambda, it didn’t work either. I can’t understand whether my hands are crooked, or the compiler is out of order Help please


 error C2679: binary '=' : no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'overloaded-function' (or there is no acceptable conversion)  
 error C3867: 'ProcessManager::onProcessCrash': function call missing argument list; use '&ProcessManager::onProcessCrash' to create a pointer to member


No, no, that won't work.

The point is that onProcessCrash is not a function! Therefore, you cannot store it not only in a variable of type std::function<void(void)> , but even in an ordinary pointer to a function of type void (*)(void) .

This is actually a member function, you need a specific this to call it. Binding this is easy: using std::bind .

Try this:

ProcessCrashHandler = std::bind(&ProcessManager::onProcessCrash, this);
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