Problem using MAP in Sass


As released on the Sass blog from version 3.3, map creation is available in Sass (basically an object). I have the following version of Sass (duly updated by GEM):

$ sass -v
Sass 3.3.5 (Maptastic Maple)

And with the following version of Compass:

$ compass -v
Compass 0.12.5 (Alnilam)

Until then, great. So I went to create a map that is in a file called: _palette-colors.sass and has the following content:

$objeto: (key1: valor1, key2: valor2)

(I've already tested it with the .scss syntax too) And when I compile I get the following message:

error sass/output/style.sass (Line 4 of sass/lib/map/_palette-color.sass: Invalid CSS after "(key1": expected ")", was ": value1, key2:…")

I would like to know if I am doing something wrong or if I am forgetting to create or modify something before compiling. I searched the web and as it is something new in Sass I didn't find many references about problems or applications.

PS: I've tried transforming keys and/or values ​​into string's and it didn't work either.


Talking to a friend over skype, he gave me the solution because he had already gone through the same problem in a very short time.

Just run the command below at your ruby ​​prompt (on windows) or at the terminal on linux.

gem install compass --pre

The above command will install a Beta version of compass that already supports sass maps.

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