delphi – Print coil style not RLReport


I developed a coupon style report, where I have my note header and items.

RLReport - PageSetup:
Orientation : poPortrait
PaperHeight : 220
PaperSize   : fpCustom
PaperWidht  : 80

In my RLReport I have:

RLBand1 - BandType : btHeader
   Band2 - BandType : btHeader
   Band3 - BandType : btDetail (meus itens)  
RLBand4 - BandTye : btFooter 

The problem is that I can have N items, if the number of items passes the page size the other items will go to the second page, if they go to the second page I will have header and footer printing twice.

If I put a size on PaperHeight high, and I don't have that many items, I'm going to be wasting paper.

I tried to use the RLDraftFilter component and set the option:

EjectMethod : EjLeavePage

In the preview when choosing the printer I tried to put the filter but neither one of the options worked, the printer simply didn't print.

I am using the Datamax Oniel RL4 printer.

Has anyone ever experienced this?


When I had to do this, I used this tip . Replying:

  • First go to Page Setup. (File > Page Settings)

  • Select the Other Options tab

  • Now check the option “Endless page height”.

Another important step is to change a property of TFrxReport. In PrintOptions > PrintMode leave with pmSplit .

Then you just have to adjust the correct width of the page.

There, your report is ready for printing on a roll.

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