php – Post something on my website and automatically post it to facebook


Good afternoon, I have a question that I'm thinking about to understand. I saw something very interesting in a system, which is when a person publishes some content on their website, there is a button that you select to publish on facebook as well. It's like instagram that when you post a photo, you have the option to automatically post it to facebook. How does this work in php? I have no base.


I've been researching and it all works via API. API is a set of programming routines and patterns for accessing a software application or Web-based platform. The acronym API refers to the English term "Application Programming Interface" which translates into Portuguese "Programming Interface Applications". An API is created when a software company intends to have other software creators develop products associated with its service. There are several of them that make their codes and instructions available to be used on other websites in the most convenient way for their users. Google Maps is one of the great examples in the area of ​​APIs. Through its original code, many other websites and applications use Google Maps data, adapting it in the best way in order to use this service.

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