aws – Permission error uploading file to Amazon server


I'm trying to send some site changes to the client's server on amazon, but when I do it it tells me that I don't have permission to do this, as the client's website is not in /var/www/html but in /var/www . The user I'm using I don't know if it was the client who created it or if it's already amazon's default user, but it's the ubuntu user.

I have no idea how to configure/play with Amazon, so I need help. I'm using Filezilla to transfer files via sFTP


Ideally, you should see the permission of the /var/www/html folder. You can check it using the command "$ls -l" . By default in the ubuntu distribution, the owner must be the www-data user who owns a group of the same name. Add the ubuntu user to the www-data group using the command: "sudo addgroup ubuntu www-data" .

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