Pass values ​​from JSON to html via Jquery


I'm trying to get the JSON data from twitch and manipulate them in the html, in this case I wanted to assemble a simple list with the online channels, using alert it shows the channels but I thought of printing the list in a ul, I read without having to move in html. Can anyone show me a way to do this?

 type : "GET",
 dataType : "jsonp",
 url : "",
 success: function(data){


I believe that by "without touching the html" you mean putting the content on the page via javascript, right?

// transforme a lista no que você precisa (lista de li):
var listaDeLi = {
    return "<li>" + elemento._links.self + "</li>";

// coloque o conteúdo gerado em algum lugar
$('#content').append("<ul>" + listaDeLi.join('') + "</ul>");
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