Organization of a DDoS attack


What components are required for organizing a DDoS attack and how should these components be implemented?


DDOS . Starting with the second paragraph – theory. The practice in most cases is to run a ping command or similar. If launched from multiple computers, it will be ddos.

For Windows:

  1. ping -n 65000 we write in several consoles. Explanation: there is a Ctrl button in the lower left corner of the keyboard. Moving to the right from it, we find a button that is outside the difference from alt, ctrl, fn and space. Most often, four twisted squares are drawn on it. If there is no such button, we throw out the keyboard and buy the next one. This button is called WIN. We press it and, without releasing, R. Win + R. If the OS is Windows, it will open a black screen with gray letters. There we type what is indicated at the very beginning. We repeat the point several times without closing the black screen.
  2. we rake first from the provider. Explanation: the provider (a group of tough men and, rarely, aunts who are engaged in distributing the Internet all day), having discovered that pings are coming from someone in a wild amount, will first ask about the address of this subscriber, then quietly stop distributing the Internet to him and will be waiting for the call. He will answer the call that it was necessary to read the user agreement, in which it is written in Russian and white that this activity is illegal.
  3. then from the one who was pinged, because it is he who will inform the provider on you.
  4. then from my mother, because my mother wanted to sit in the internet, and here is such a setup. And there will be a fine, I suppose.
  5. ??? // your further fate depends on the severity of 2,3,4, as well as on the number of packets that you managed to send.
  6. PROFIT!
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