windows – Operating system for Android and Adobe Flex developer



I was puzzled by the question of choosing an OS for the laptop on which I work. I develop applications for Android OS and Flash applications using Adobe Flash Builder.

Laptop specifications:
Model: Lenovo Y570
CPU: Core i3-230M (2.1 GHz)
HDD: 500 GB
SSD: 60 GB
VIdeo: # 1: Intel HD 3000; # 2 nVidia GEFORCE GT 555M.

Windows 8 x64 Professional is currently installed

I am thinking of installing the system on an SSD. But Windows is currently eating a lot of free space on this ssd …

In general, I ask you to advise which system, and on which drive to install …

If suddenly someone else reads here before, maybe someone stumbled upon the instructions for installing the SSD as a cache for the hard drive? I can't find it … in the Y570 models that come with the SSD right away, this is how the SSD and the hard drive are combined.


After receiving all 0 answers here, as well as on the, I went to experiment.

Installed Ubuntu 12.10 x64

Installed Eclipse (ADT) + unofficial Flash Builder plugin + Aptana plugin.
After some time performing ethnic dances of the peoples of the north, it was also possible to install a debug version of the flash player for the Mozilla.

It was also possible, with some efforts, to force Optimus to work (switching between video cards), and even install and run using the great Wine Flat Out 2 without brakes and any lags.

So, comrades, we throw out Windows))

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