encoding – Opening doc, docx, odf, xlsx file in linux terminal


The question is: "Are there such programs that allow you to open doc, docx, odf files in the linux terminal?" I understand that theoretically this is not possible, due to the lack of the ability to programmatically change the font in the terminal. But! What if, for example, I need to stupidly read the text from a file, but I don't have a desktop machine at hand? Or you can use this option: the program converts a doc, docx, odf file into a tex file. PS: I believe that this option for opening such files will also be more economical than the desktop one with respect to memory.

With xlsx and similar files, the same question is raised too. Dad once told me simply that when there were no desktop axes and a graph of shells yet, they used some kind of dos console program instead of docs, and some tables instead of excel. I would be grateful for your answer.

UPD : The question is closed


When there were no graphic skins, then the formats were different. Something somewhat similar to modern markdown

The files can of course be read. But just read it – after converting it to text format. So Excel files can be converted to CSV – and then look at least in less, at least convert awk or sed further.

Word files are converted to regular TXT – only text and no formatting. It is also possible in RTF – here the design will be preserved, but in order to read them you need a certain skill 🙂

And from a practical point of view, the task is quite urgent. We constantly have to solve problems like "We have a price list in Excel – we want to automatically upload it to the website in the database". Accordingly, in addition to the console utilities, there are also a bunch of libraries for different programming languages ​​- allowing you to open, read, change and save files of these formats without using a GUI.

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