Open multiple programs on different desktops using script in windows 10


I'm looking to open some programs on different working screens that I have to use often. And I was wondering how I can make a script to automate this.

I made a small and simple .bat script to make this easier

echo Abrindo o Netbeans
start /d "C:\Program Files\NetBeans 8.2\bin\" netbeans64.exe

echo Abrindo o XAMPP
start /d "C:\xampp\" xampp-control.exe

echo Abrindo PowerShell
start /d "%SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\" powershell.exe 

I also like to open Spotify, Onenote, Browser, but I wanted it to open in another workspace.

I am using Windows 10 PRO.


You can do this by downloading VDesk (VDeskSetup-1.0.2.msi) and installing it. When the installation is finished you will notice that a new command will be available in the cmd, the 'vdesk'. With that, just use the vdesk command to run applications on a new desktop or on a specific desktop, look at the examples:

vdesk run:notepad

Run notepad in a new desktop.

vdesk on:5 run:notepad

Run notepad on the desktop 5.

To see more examples read this article . As it is a command available in cmd, you can put it in a *.bat, which is your goal, just replace notepad with your application and set the desired desktop.

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