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I am developing on the macOS operating system. There are heaps of problems with Cyrillic (string or char *), for example, when working with the functions regex, :: tolower / :: toupper, etc.

When I ask for locale in the terminal, I have the following:


I am using C ++ 11. I don’t want to use Boost in principle, and it is desirable that the solution could be ported to linkus in the future (a reference to the non-portable codecvt).

Actually the question itself: how can you fix the problem of the Cyrillic alphabet in the entire program? For example, to use correctly locale.h (and how is it competently?) Or something else.


I output the text directly to the console. The output to the console is excellent, but transformations using transform using the :: tolower, :: toupper parameters are successfully ignored. Using codecvt I was able to get from string -> wstring, executed :: tolower and could also do wstring-> string, however, this is an obvious "crutch" and use it whenever I need to do something with the bytes of the string – not an option …

If I output Russian text in ncurses, it turns out like this: (I'm some kind of text) "What am I -? ~ Bo? ~ Age? ~ A? ~ B"


I really understand your desire not to use Boost (this is also a principle).

To forget about encoding problems once and for all, it is best to use utf8 and the STL has its wstring implementation.

wstring str = u8"кириллический текст";//u8 преобразует ansi символы в utf8.

You can forget about locale problems using wstring .

From the pros, this is portability to anything, and from the minuses, this is increased memory consumption (not fatal, but still).

And by the way, it is considered a good form not to use std::wcout and std::cout (as well as a pair of std::wcin and std::cin ) within the same application (there are problems with their sharing).

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