One page website in html


Please tell me. Made two forms for name and address on the site. And the submit button.

Question 1 . How to make sure that when the button is clicked, the first and last name are saved on the same page?

Question 2 : Is it possible to make all the data on the page clear at a specific time?


The data can be saved on the page using JS, but they can be lost at any time, and only the person who added them will see them. (Because they are saved on the client side, the user's browser) To save and display the data you need , you need server side.

Those. Client <=> HTML page <=> Server

It is necessary that when you click on the button, the data is sent to the server, after which it is processed and saved there. In the future, you can do whatever you want with this data. But HTML doesn't do that.

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