vagrant – Old versions with puppet


I'm learning Vagrant and Puppet and want to know if possible to install old versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache using puppet? If yes, how to do it?

Ex: PHP 5.4.9, 5.5 Mysql 5.5.27, 5.6


You can specify a version:

package { 'php' :
  ensure => '5.2' ,

But remember that if the required version of the package (RPM, deb, etc) is not available in your default repository, you will have to go one of these ways:

  • Find an alternate repository that has the package in the version you need and add it to the repository list.

  • Set up your own repository that contains this package

  • Install directly, specifying the path to the package as explained below.

Could be like that:

package { 'php' : 
    ensure => '5.2' , 
    source => '/caminho/para/o/php-5.2.rpm' , 

Answer taken from here

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