сборка – Offline Visual Studio 2019 Build Editing. Adding Language


Downloaded, installed, activated VS 2019 from the assembly that is provided at work (everything is downloaded from the organization's server, not microsoft). The problem is that the language package is only English, I downloaded the Russian package, how can I add it to the assembly neatly now?


PC offline, isolated. The assembly is provided by the organization. The installer does not download from the Microsoft server, but from the worker, but the installer tries to download the Russian package from the macrosoft servers (defect). The question was how to download the Russian package separately and add it to VS 2019

update 2 The file must not be an .exe


Search Windows Server 2019 LangPack, or https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_name.php?family=Windows%20Server%202019&name=Windows%20Server%202019%20Language%20Pack Run lpksetup to install

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