javascript – Object property coming from JSON is not accessible


Well I'm working with the framework Laravel in versão 5.2 I'm developing an API where I have an Painel administrativo that produces and manages the content, in this case produto , and I have another site that will consume this API do painel administrativo where it has to list all the products.

Within the produto I have several items such as: images, category, subcategory, among others. I'm consuming this API via JQUERY the command $.getJSON() . However I am having problems accessing my product items such as images.

In my Model produto I did it as follows:

use SoftDeletes;

protected $fillable = [
protected $primaryKey = 'CdProduto';
protected $dates = ['deleted_at'];

public function subCategoria()
    return $this->belongsTo('App\SubCategoria','CdSubCategoria','CdSubCategoria');

public function imagens(){
    return $this->hasMany('App\Imagem', 'CdProduto', 'CdProduto');

public function lotes(){
    return $this->hasMany('App\LoteProduto', 'CdProduto', 'CdProduto');

public function tipo_produto_embalagem(){
    return $this->belongsTo('App\TipoProdutoEmbalagem', 'CdProduto', 'CdProduto');

In my Controller Produto which is where I access with $.getJSON() I did the following, an index() function that identifies the first metodo of my controller :

public function index(){
    $produtos =  Produto::all();

        return compact('produtos');
        return view('Produto.listProduto', compact('produtos'));

My return compact('produtos') is what it sends when I make the requisição .

On my site I'm getting this array and I do an .each() on my váriavel inside this .each() that I'm trying to access my product items as images.

My code is like this:

   $.getJSON('http://localhost:8000/produtos', function(data) {
        $.each(data, function (key, item) {
            var ANTIGO = $('#todosProdutos').html();
            console.log(item.imagens); //Aqui dei um console para tentar verificar as imagens porém retorna undefined

            var html = ANTIGO + 'MEU HTML';
       // $('#todosProdutos').html(html);

In my console.log(item.imagens) 's returning undefined which part of the process am I missing? I tried to access others as a category, and it's not working either.

When I give console.log(item) it only returns the items that are actually in the same product table, for example:NmProduct, VlUnit, UnitEmStock, among others.


In Laravel there are two ways to load the relationship: eager loading constraints and lazy loading .

The first, which is eager loading constraints , loads relationships early, before accessing the values ​​of the defined relationships. The second, lazy loading , only accesses when you call the relationship.

It is not possible to use lazy loading for JSON . So, when it comes to Ajax requests, I recommend always using eager loading constraints so that the relationship data will always be available.

This operation is done through the with method.


public function index(){
    $produtos =  Produto::with('imagens')->get();

        return compact('produtos');
        return view('Produto.listProduto', compact('produtos'));
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