Npm package cannot be used due to file path length limitation on Windows

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I think the maximum file path length for Windows is 260 characters, but when using the npm module, that limit is quickly exceeded.

Right now I'm developing with Ubuntu in VirtualBox, but I want to go directly with Windows.

Please let me know if you have a fundamental solution.

Answer: Answer:

It is unsolved, but there seems to be an article in the English version as well . No "fundamental solution" is presented

  • Describe all dependent packages in package.json
  • I'll solve the duplicate package hierarchy with npm dedupe
  • Use a package called npm-flatten

There is a plan.

It's hard to say that npm-flatten is maintained, so I think either of the above two is better.

A supplement to npm dedupe

+-- b <-- depends on c@1.0.x
| `-- c@1.0.3
`-- d <-- depends on c@~1.0.9
`-- c@1.0.10

By executing the structure such as npm dedupe

+-- b
+-- d
`-- c@1.0.10

It is a function that changes to the structure.
Previously there was a problem that did not work well with packages that are not registered with npm (GHE etc.), but now it seems to be solved.

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