терминология – Name "->" and "." in C++


Interestingly, there are no discussions in Runet about how to correctly call "->" and "." in C++ 😉 . I propose to post this information on this forum.

On https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1580757/what-is-the-official-name-of-cs-arrow-operator most votes are for the name "->" arrow ("arrow"), others are for " structure pointer dereference operator" and "member access operator"

For separation then, apparently, it is necessary to use "indirect …" and "direct …"?


In Jeff Alger's rather popular (as far as I know) book "The C++ Programmer's Library" they are called member selectors.

If you call them a “dot” or “arrow” in a cocktail seminar, there will be deathly silence, everyone will turn and look at you contemptuously, and in the far corner someone will drop their glass.

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