php – Multiple App Laravel using the same job table


I have in my scenario 3 http servers running the same Laravel application and sharing the same Database, where the first server performs LoadBalance using nginx , basically with the same load weight.

The application works with several job queues using the drive database in the "jobs" table. The only server that processes the jobs ( php artisan queue:listen ) is app1.

I would like to know if there is any contraindication about processing the jobs on other servers as well and if anyone has had any similar experience.


As long as the balance is right, I don't see any problems.

I believe you should do a comparative analysis:

  • If I run a single application on a single queue server, and this application/server supports, say, 10K (ten thousand) queues per hour…compared to three applications running a single queue server, is the volume the same? So there is no contraindication

  • Now, the possibility of using different connections for different queues is just so that you can balance correctly, again let's say, if the three applications run 2k queues, and a single one runs 30k queues, it is more likely that it will be necessary to balance with queue execution in different connections/servers for this single application as opposed to the three mentioned.

I hope it was clear that the evaluative issue here is the demand/volume of job execution and the computational cost (processing+memory) required by each job, to really identify if there is a contraindication, as you mentioned, in running queues of multiple systems on a single server/connection.

For those who need more understanding on how to configure different connections for execution queues in Laravel, access the documentation section

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