c# – Mount a local package manager (NuGet)


Due to a huge problem that happens here at the company, such as package dependencies, so the company decided to create a private NuGet , which runs locally. The purpose of this is when anyone downloads the source code of our applications, he already feels the lack of some DLL and goes to the Nuget directory and installs or suggests installing the DLL . The problem is, I don't even know where to start. Has anyone done this?


If you are going to use only internal, I recommend that you create a folder for the packages, do not use a nuget server, we had a lot of problems in the company with this.

  1. You must create the packages: the command would be nuget.exe pack folder\project.nuspec -OutputDirectory c:\nuget\packages.
  2. Copy the generated files to a network directory that everyone has access to.
  3. Configure VisualStudio to read this directory. (TOOLS > NuGet Packege Manager > Packege Maneger Settins > Enter Packege Manager > Package Sources. at the bottom, enter the name and source, which is the path of your server and click ok)
  4. Okay, now you can install your packages. Remember that everyone in the company must configure VisualStudio to point to this network folder.
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