sql-server – Migrate Microsoft SQL to Postgres


I need to migrate my SQL server database to Postgre-SQL, but I'm not very familiar with the database itself. Is there any tool that can help with the migration? I have the generated backup of MS SQL .bak is it possible to convert it? Grateful!


The start of exporting a database to files that can be imported into PostgreSQL is to locate and open the IMPORT AND EXPORT DATA tool in the SQL SERVER menu. After locating, you should open this option, in which a DTS welcome window (DATA TRANSFORMATION SERVICES IMPORT/EXPORT WIZARD) will appear. Clicking Next we go to the next level where we will choose Where we will export the data, after these options we still have the last and most important one, which will be the choice of the database we will connect to for export.

Just follow this tutorial step by step: Migrating from SQL Server to PostgreSQL

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